Suzanne Gerard





   My father was supposed to be watching a very young me

   ... but he dozed off ...


 I headed straight for my mother's lipstick and drew pretty pictures all over the walls. I remember   sniffling while I sat on the floor watching my panicked father scrubbing off my masterpieces and periodically checking his watch.  

My dad sold art supplies. A dream come true for any budding artist. I experimented with all the new products. As a teenager, my parents made a slight error in judgment and left me alone for the weekend. Upon returning they found giraffes, monkeys, tigers, elephants and colourful birds all over the walls. I was so proud ... they restricted me to one wall.  My mother was thrilled to pieces when my dad brought home extra canvasses and paper.

I bought every art book I could find. I loved everything I tried; pastels, oils, watercolours, coloured pencils but life interfered, I got married, had two boys and two jobs, when the husband and boys grew up and left, out came the art supplies. I took a few courses, received a few awards and sold a few pictures and stories.

Now that I am retired, my priorities have changed. I  converted by frontroom into my studio with room for students and my old studio into a den of sorts.....with another wall painting....I have this thing for painting on walls.

I’m a happy camper.